3D, 4D & 5D Hyperglyphs
(Super Anaglyphs)

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This is a '3D-Hyperglyph' sample &includes hyper-3-Dimension
& animated moving eyes.   (No secret message/s though)

3D Hyperglyph

This is a '4D-Hyperglyph' sample & includes hyper-3-Dimension
& animated moving eyes.   (No secret message/s though)


* The following similar terminologies, are also used in 3D & must not be confused with '3D Hyperglyphs". They further don't bear any
specific influence on the Hyperglyph technique or its outcome either.

Use of a shorter than normal stereo base in order to reduce depth distortion in portraiture and close-up stereography; it produces an effect known as Giantism. The opposite of hyperstereo.

Use of a longer than normal stereo base in order to achieve the effect of enhanced stereo depth and reduced scale of a scene; it produces an effect known as Lilliputism because of the miniaturisation of the subject matter which appears as a result. Often used in order to reveal depth discrimination in architectural and geological features. The opposite of hypostereo.

Above extract from the International Stereoscopic Union
http://www.isu3d.org/ - © Copyright 1997 - 2014 - All Rights Reserved

(Red/Blue) was the original method implemented by most cinemas years ago, to project 3D content & Hyperglyph is a new stereo imaging technique well suited to the advertising & print industries.

The Technique Illustrated:  

The old faithful, standard 3D Anaglyph technique, superimposes the 2 stereo images, as well as alters the colour channels, thereafter appearing to be messy, or as if "out of focus".

Once u put on Anaglyph 3D Spex, it decodes the images & rectifies your vision, further filtering it to each eye, creating an illusion of 3-Dimensional depth, in your brain.

This interaction seems very impact full & interactive,
as most people are always in awe!
..but what if they don't have spectacles to decode the glyph?

Now this is where "Hyperglyphs" come in. The aim was & is to create an image, which is 100% visible & clear under normal
2D viewing conditions & therefore fully useful, even without the use of extra filters, decoders or spectacles.

Then surprise, surprise, when u put on the 3D Spex, an entire new image is discovered, opening your mind to hyper 3-Dimensions, like never seen before?

4D Hyperglyphs adds an 4th level to the glyph. Limited animation can also be added. e.g. eyes moving slightly etc. & can be observed with the Hyperglyph 3D Spex..

5D Hyperglyphs
adds an 5th level to the glyph. Secret messages can be embedded, revealed by using the red only filter of the 3D Hyperglyph Spex.

3D-Hyperglyph Spex (Available in plastic & cardboard)

Hyperglyph 3D Spex are different, as they have been adjusted & tweaked to create minimum impact on image colours & reduces ghosting, therefore creating a more comfortable & accurate viewing experience. They are also the cheapest stock spex we have on offer.

This new 3D, 4D & 5D "Hyperglyph"
interlacing technique was developed & named by
ERiC KiRSTEN from Johannesburg, SA. (© 2010-13)

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